NS30 Robotic Total Station

The Ultimate One-Man System
Benefit from Zigbee technology, NS30 can be used to connect with your H6 Plus Controller in maximum 450m. Long-range data link offers a flexible and agile remote control for one-man survey system.

Direct Motor by Worm & Gear. Stan;e amd reliable for motorization. Positioning accuracy <1”
When Prism Search is activated, NS30 enables you to search, recognize and aim a prism in 300m with both versatility and agility.
Auto Prism Recognition:
NS30 featuring a powerful algorithm that automatically aim and recognize the prism within the sight of view for 1200m. It can handle every task with ease.
With LocknTRack, it easier to lock onto the prism and follow its movements constantly, which is able to eliminate the need for standing around and waiting when collecting data or staking out.

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